Testimonials From Our Clients:

I have worked with Linda for many years in medical litigation, and have been consistently impressed with her knowledge and professionalism.

Michael Lettrich

Commercial Litigation Attorney

I have worked with Linda Bernard for over 10 years in a multitude of settings.  She has always been very professional & knowledgeable in policy & practice, while obtaining the highest standard of care possible.  In discussion with a difficult person regarding his medical care, she remained calm & professional, never escalating the situation, explaining thoroughly the steps necessary towards a resolution.

Cinthia Cunningham, PA-C

Physician Assistant, PrimeCare Medical, Inc.

She is honest, hardworking and highly motivated, but at the same time a team player. She supports those that work under her management but has no problem in determining when something or someone is wrong and not following the standards. She is an excellent resource for the staff and works tirelessly in accomplishing the goals to maintain accreditation.

Barbara Mariano, RN

Lead Surveyor, National Commission on Correctional Health Care

I have worked with Linda for the last ten years in her capacity as a management level person in the healthcare field. Her experience as a registered nurse allows her to evaluate medical records and interact with medical staff and doctors on medical issues.

Thomas Brenner


Experience That Matters

Linda Bernard has unique and comprehensive experience in the Correctional Health Care industry.  She has extensive experience with drug and alcohol withdrawal cases as well. Linda uses this knowledge to advance your goals.